Tai Pei Project


Concept: A New World

The goal of our project was to create a campaign to launch a refreshed recipe, and at the same time, reposition the brand to attract a younger audience. The team decided to highlight newness and culture. Our younger audience is drawn by authentic and interesting experiences.

The campaign was split into pre-launch and post-launch phases.

Teaser Campaign (pre-launch)

With the teaser campaign, we wanted to promote and host numerous events around the country to launch the improved product. A key point to the teaser campaign was the exclusion of pointers to the TaiPei brand with the exception of the box outline. We opted for a simple approach that quietly contained key design elements used in the launch campaign. We wanted the teaser to be something entirely new, but we also wanted the launch campaign to be easily recognized as the follow-up to the teaser.


Launch Campaign

The outdoor for the launch campaign gives the brand a new voice of authenticity.

The campaign calls for a complete re-think of the packaging. A series of Asian-American artists would be tasked with creating patterns for the new packaging. Certain patterns can be selected as "limited edition" and refreshed periodically. A simplified representation of the new packaging would be featured in certain aspects of the campaign. Colaborations with other artists, chefs and musicians are also points of the campaign that we explore as an ambient feature.