Mrs. Dash Project

Mrs. Dash

The Project


Our client for this project was Mrs Dash. Mrs Dash sells salt-free spices in a wide array of interesting flavors. The problem was that our client was not standing out in the marketplace. We found out through our research that the customers who regularly purchased Mrs. Dash enthusiastically loved the brand.

Our strategy was to play with the fact that our customers were more than just "customers", they were fans that were hooked on the product. We decided to showcase the "life change" that happened when you became a fan.


The Ambient


We wanted to bring the Mrs. Dash experience to the public in a fun and interesting way.

The idea is to create a food truck that travels to public parks and festivals across the country to offer a selection of foods made with Mrs. Dash. The food will be offered for free. Each spice will be featured in a dish on the menu. Those spices will also be available to purchase at the food truck. Staff will be available to answer questions on the spices and the recipes. Each recipe will also be made available as a handout and online.