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Carriage House Projects


Our client, Carriage House, is an assisted living facility located in Denton, Texas. The problem was the lack of recognition for a small local assisted living facility. We wanted to tell the success stories of our residents. The residents are the core of Carriage House's existence, and we wanted to showcase the moments in their life that mean the most.

Two separate executions exist because the client was given to me in two different classes.

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The Campaign


Visiting an older relative often involves story time. We love to listen to grandpa talk about the fads of the 60s. We love when grandma talks politics, raving about her favorite presidents. The stories our elders tell are always worth every second of our time. We created a campaign that aims to celebrate those stories. Our goal was to show that our assisted living facility is a place full of knowledge, memories and hope.

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The Campaign


Our strategy was to create a campaign focused on the big moments in life. We understand that life in an assisted living facility can still have its monumental moments. Telling these stories connects the reader to the resident, and paints Carriage House as a place that makes these moments possible.




The objective was to showcase the “life” of the residents and portray connectivity between generations. 

The plan is to have the residents start a canvas painting. They can paint anything they want, but will be told not to complete it. Once they finish their part, the canvases would be distributed amongst local emerging artists in Denton and Dallas. The artist would to finish the painting however they imagine. The final product would be displayed as a special exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. Both the resident and the artist would have their names and profiles displayed alongside their art.